Branding Yoko Ono led by Guillaume David Wolf for the class of Communication design 2 at Art center college of design.


Among all other celebrities I was assigned with, I chose Yoko Ono mostly because of her marriage with John Lennon, who happens to be my beloved-childhood artist, but this time John Lennon wasn't part of her life story. Simply put, I tried to create a world without John Lennon. He may exist somewhere in the universe I created, but he's not with Yoko – instead she's with Mick Jagger from Rolling Stones.



There were a number of considerations

From the 'Masculism' known as 'Machoism' to Takashi Murakami, I wanted to see Yoko portrayed in a way that she’s not characterized as opposed to her known stories. I picked Masculism as she’s a very active feminist, and other Japanese artists whose art is very Japanese unlike Yoko.


In the end after several weeks of finding what, how, and who, I chose Mick Jagger, as it feels like John Lennon may not want to compete with him when it comes to his beloved wife, which sounds a bit harsh and betrayal, but very interesting to see. 

The concept was very simple: Make Mick Jagger marry Yoko Ono, but before that I thought of the 'change' moment where we would be drown into the abyss of the world where these two people are loving each other, passionately, just like she did with John Lennon. This is how I decided to decorate the posters with exotic characters.


Just like how John Lennon and Yoko Ono are famous for their marriage, the marriage of two celebrities, Mick Jagger, and Yoko Ono, must be groundbreaking, It will be a part of the modern-century history of the world I created, but leaving it behind, the project is to brand Yoko Ono. So, I dove into what Yoko Ono is known for in the current world. Her music was the first thing to see as her husbands are musicians anyways, and then I looked at her past performance art, preferably with John Lennon.


Learning who she is, and what she's best known for was the key to succeeding the 'alternative world' concept. Thanks to the instructor, I was able to look inside Yoko Ono by creating a branding concept of her identity. 


I wanted to look inside her performance art. Yoko Ono as an artist seems to be very self-aware, as a woman, and a Japanese herself. The circles represent the audience, and her name in the center of the logo represents herself. Actually, I didn't know much about her art, like most people we tend to look at her as John's wife. Branding her was not easy as I have to stay away from her well-known husband,  while keeping the concept that only Yoko can have. The branding was the great start of learning her as an individual. 


For the final phase of the project, I was assigned to create a zine. A zine is a small version of a magazine, mostly better called as a set of photocopies. The concept of my zine was the 'guide to Yoko Ono', and her marriage with Mick jagger. I tried to look inside her days with John Lennon, and caught all the major events happened between her and John Lennon, even though Mick Jagger replaces him in the zine.