Monopiny aims to create a marketing platform for store owners. Marketing as a shop owner can be a bit expensive, and hard – it doesn't guarantee sales just because you have good products, and good advertising skills.

You could end up spending money without any results. Monopiny is a new marketing strategy to help you succeed – it's not only free, but also very effective as it targets audiences in the interested area. Using your best product photography, it triggers the friendliness between your brand, and audiences. 


Create your mock shop in seconds, or integrate it with Instagram.

Monopiny aims to shorten all the process to advertise your products in the mock store. It automatically creates a social shop when you register – all you have to do is start posting, and adding product points over your photography. Does adding products sound hard for you? Well, it's not. Just type the link, and we will automatically fetch the data from your store, and assign the product. It's that easy. Not only that, you may just integrate it with your Instagram with just one click. After completing all the process, you can just share the link on your socials, and make it profitable.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 4.25.53 PM.png

You have everything – products, photos, and wills to draw sales.

However, does it enough for you? Don't you want to reach your audiences with the best product by displaying them your best photography? It should be extra nice if you can sell from your image. That's Monopiny for you!


Embed the widget in your store.

Not the big fan of the store? You can use our pre-built widget, and embed it in your store. There's no extra setting – remember we love everything simple, and easy! Just copy the code, and paste it into your website. All done.